Saturday, March 22, 2014

Little Victories....Huge Payoff

Because OF COURSE I know you've all been waiting with baited breath.....

About two months ago I bought a dress for a wedding.

I purchased it a full size smaller than what I was in then.  A size that I haven't even SEEN since High School.  Crazy?  Probably, but hey - new year, new adventures, right?

And when I informed Mr. Trainer about said goal he mumbled something about how crazy girls were but then proceeded to help me reach it.

I tried on the dress when I first got it and it resembled something akin to a busted can of biscuits so I hung it at the back of the closet and just continued to do my thing.  On good days I didn't even think about it.  On the bad days I could feel it mocking me!  Us women are a quandary, I know.

So today, after a "Last Chance Workout" at the gym this morning it was GO TIME.  I stalled for as long as possible thinking that I needed to give my attitude as much as a boost as possible.  Once the hair was done, makeup applied and I really couldn't stall any more I put the dress on....added the heels....and proceeded to the guest room that has the full length mirror.

Then I turned to see what was what...........happy tears were had along with a little jig - I had finally reached this tiny milestone of many on my journey.

More importantly though, before I looked in the mirror I took a second to focus on how I "feel" in the dress first.  I didn't have to huff and puff and stretch fabric awkwardly to put it on, I could BREATHE (and that's a big one for chicks people), it was hugging all the right curves, and I actually felt comfortable.

This game is a lot of sweat in the gym.....but it's a heck of a lot more work mentally.  FOR. SURE.

Because of that, and for one of the first times in a long time, I was able to go and enjoy the event without avoiding pictures or people.  I could laugh and dance and toss my nephew around without worrying what I was looking like.

And isn't being comfortable in our own skin all we really want?  Am I 100% there yet?  Of course not....but I'm making steps toward it every day.

And come on, it's a killer dress yo!


Megan said...

Looking good!

Kimberly said...

You look fabulous! I wish I had your strength as I sit here feeling fat and sipping wine. Keep doing good what you are doing and moving forward. All of your hard work is very visible and admirable.