Monday, March 3, 2014

Conversations with Mr. Trainer: Champagne and Confidence

Conversations with Mr. Trainer:  (And reason #542 you may want to rethink having your Trainer attend a party you’re hosting.)

So…..Mr. Trainer was feeling extra adventurous tonight and decided to have me do something new.  3 reps in I stopped…..and said, I. Can’t.  

You see, I have huge confidence issues in the gym and battle it most every day.  It's getting a whole lot easier thank goodness, but it still creeps up on me.  My very first day with Mr. Trainer ended with him telling me, “It’s not the weight or the working out that’s your problem – you just don’t believe in yourself….someone stole it and it’s time to take it back.”  I drove home that night in tears knowing he was absolutely right and things had to change.

So, tonight after saying those dreaded words, I. Can't.:

Mr. Trainer:  “Sweetheart, last night I watched you be the most confident I’ve ever seen you.  You wore sequin pants and heels while downing like an 88 oz glass of champagne.  If you can do that, you’ve got the guts to do anything.”

Me:  “Oh that?  I’ve been practicing that for years….and thou shall not hold anything I do or say against me while wearing sequin pants and drinking champagne on my Birthday.”

Mr. Trainer: “Shut it.  Now, I’ll give you one more moment of sass and throw in an eye roll…..then suck it up……don’t think, and just do it.”

Me:  “Fine!”  (insert eye roll.....sometimes I really want to punch him in the face, but he usually ends up being right)

And this girl proceeded to sweat out every last drop of champagne and sailed through it like she had on a pair of killer heels and sassy pants.  


I have SO got this you have no idea.

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