It Works

So, here' the deal.  I'm a Distributor for It Works.

 It's called It Works because it well, works?!?! (Genius, huh?)  
It's an all-natural health and wellness company that has skincare, supplements, and skinny wraps.
Questions?  ASK ME!

Don't care or want it?  Well then, don't order it!
I'm not a pusher people....So, what do I use on a regular basis?


Lip and Eye Cream
(Because you KNOW you see those lines forming, don't ya?)
Use: Morning and Night

(It wasn't a baby that did it to was the biscuits....le sigh)
Use: Morning after Shower

(Because sometimes we need a spa facial, but you know, have to pay the electric bill instead)
Use: Generally once a week

(Many uses....for cellulite, acne, sore muscles, etc.)
Use: All the dang time.

(You stick it where you wanna shrink it.  Tightens, Tones, Firms fo shizzle)
Use: Generally once a week
NOTE: This is NOT a weight loss item, however, it helps.....just ask me about it.


(Contains 8+ servings of veggies....which is fab for me, cuz I'm not a rabbit.  Berry flavor is my fave.)
Use: I put them in my morning smoothie.  But, if everyone's all germy around me, I do another serving in the afternoon because it's an immune booster too.

(Antioxidant and Prebiotic Support.....because good skin and poop is healthy)
Use: 2 chews in between meals.  They taste like candy.

Note: I hate taking pills....these are quite large, so I break them in half.

(Gives me energy without the jitters....and doesn't affect my personal high BP)
Use: I take 1 in the morning and 2 at lunch

New You
(Supposed to build lean muscle mass....I use it because it makes my hair thicker and nails stronger)
Use: 2 at night, 1 in the morning