about me

Just a girl who loves to talk about random things.  

Currently on a journey to learn how to love herself again whether it be through adventures at the gym, enjoying awesome food and beverages of the alcoholic sort, or choosing each month to do something just for the pure entertainment of it. 

I like to share the happy, sad, hilarious, and tough times because I figure it shows there are other people out there like me just trying to figure out this thing we call life.  I hope that it makes people feel a little less alone when they need it.

I'm an AWESOME aunt who loves her little more than anything in this world.  And an honorary aunt to many, many kiddos of my friends.  (Side note: They are also a good reminder of the importance of birth control, y'all.   Cuz....I LIKE SLEEP.)

I'm a sister who would never make it in life without my other half to validate whether I am or am not, in fact, losing my mind.

........and a friend to some certifiably crazy folk.

My life is full and I choose to be grateful.

So, check in often.....and say hi while you're here!

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