Things I Love

There are so many random things in this world that I come across and want to share.....I think they deserve their own page.

Good Karma Knows No Bounds

The Parker Lee Project

This is a non-profit organization started by a girl I knew in high school.  Fast forward to someone whom I later became Facebook friends with.....and witnessed her journey with her daughter.  Those of us "normal" people could never imagine having the strength or compassion to love like they do and can't even fathom their journey......let alone comprehend taking such heartbreak and turning it into such a blessing for others.  THIS kind of thing is what makes me never give up hope on the human race.  So....if you want to feel better about yourself or need to feel like you've given some goodness back to humanity today....share their story....or give 'em some of your bennies.....cuz Lord knows they're doing more good with it than we ever will.

Love Me Some Gadgets

I use this
It's super fast and can blend anything, and I mean ANYTHING.
Pricey....but it's a tank and is worth every penny.

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