Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Unexpected Encounters in an Elevator

So, I’m completely exhausted.  I’ve been doing morning and evening workouts to hopefully jumpstart the weightloss again….I will say that after each one it does leave a sense of fantastic accomplishment and a spurt of energy…..but at the end of the day it also leaves me depleted – and I’m forever hungry – All.The.Time.  (And don’t start…..trust me….I’m stuffing my face with all the things I’m supposed to and upping the calories, promise.)

Anyways, tonight’s post is a reminder of why I’m doing this.  During tonight’s training session, Mr. Trainer and I seemed to always workout next to a very fit older gentleman that well……it was obvious he didn’t bat for my team.  He smiled a few times – and conversed a little with Mr. Trainer throughout.

After the workout, I was on the high and made it to the elevator with said other guy already in there with the door closing.  He quickly held the doors open so I could make it in.  Both of us, dripping with sweat – smelling fabulous, I’m sure – he said:

Fab guy: “Man, you never want to come here do you?  But, after you get it done you feel so great that you did it anyways.  The things we have to do to look good!”

Me: (Still out of breath) “Yep- well, I’m not at that part yet, but I really like the feeling great after.”

So, we exit the elevator and go through the glass doors of the sky rise….and I’m a few steps ahead of him and open the door to the next set of doors.  We then proceed to the stairway to the parking garage (I’ve been trained to take the stairs…..even when no one is looking, dang it.)  And, I open those doors with Fab guy trailing me.

Fab guy:  “You’re staying two steps ahead of me!  I’m supposed to open the doors…..my mama raised me right, you know.”

Me:  “Ha, I’m sorry, I guess my heart rate just hasn’t slowed down enough.”

Then we get to the bottom of the stairs to the next set of doors…..

Fab guy: “Stop now, let me do this.”  And he opens the door for me….

Me:  I smile…. “Well, thank you.  I’m MoFabulous by the way.”

Fab guy: “Mofabulous, it’s nice to meet you.  I’m Rick, you worked so hard out there tonight – I always snoop everywhere and only speak to people who I think are deemed worthy, so you know.”

Me:  “Ha, I hope so!  Thanks again….have a good week.”  And I then proceed to my car.

Rick: “Hey Mofabulous?   Wait a second.  I saw you several months ago and I think you’re wrong about the just feeling great part earlier……you are looking good too – those of our choices pay particular attention to these things (just don’t tell)….and if you FINALLY flash that smile every once in a while one might just reconsider if they want to switch sides.  Lord knows if I could – there are plenty of them in there I would choose from."

And, then – he left me right there.  Mouth gaping….then hysterically laughing.  Sent from up above, I tell you.  He managed to kick me in the behind while complimenting me at the same time.

Also……I now consider him my new best friend.

Progress people = WOOT! 

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